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silkscroll add in drop posted by destructions at 31-03-14 | Comments (0)

We Are Finish All Updates In Game Now 

Change Payment System From 

Charge Item To Charge Silk Point

Delete All Free Normal Silk From All Player

Add New Scroll Give You Silk Normal Drop From All Mob's In Job Tample & Unique Medussa

Add All Item +16 & +21 In Item mall Wil Silk point Can Get It With Donate Only 


Arab Support Forum posted by destructions at 21-01-14 | Comments (1)

In order to be on the continuous cooperation to raise the efficiency of the game has been open forum for your support of the Arab players can through it and add their suggestions and complaints to communicate between each other through the forum and also You can contact us.


GL all

Last Update To Game System posted by destructions at 16-11-13 | Comments (6)

Hello All Destructions Player

Now we Finish all Changes In Game System

Last Update In Game To Change System

  1. Change JC & LC Coin Price To 1 Gold & 500 ZP Coin Can Get ZP Coin From All Mob's In Tample Job
  2. New joymax avatar Janissary Outfit


Last update before the surprise posted by destructions at 10-11-13 | Comments (1)
1- Add New Crestal Avatar In Special Avatar NPC
2- Add Drop ZP Coin In Job Tample In All Mob s
3- Add Baal Unique In Zaillot Rooms (Jupiter Tample)
4- Try to collect the largest number of Currency (Z P) before the latest update
We are not the strongest, but we are special greeting to all the players
who gave us such confidence

25-10-2013 Updates posted by destructions at 25-10-13 | Comments (2)

Hello All


New Update 25-10-2013

  1. Remove Some Uniques From Game .
  2. Fix Crash With Global Chat In NPC .
  3. Add 2 New Avatar In NPC Avatar Hotan .
  4. Add Drop In All Mob's In Job Tample .
  5. Add New Scroll For Gift Coin.
  6. Open Live Support Chat .

New Update 28-9-2013 posted by destructions at 28-09-13 | Comments (6)

Hello Destructions.

We Have Some Change In Game


Change Price Of Donate In Game ( Check Donate Price Page )


Change Start Silk

Add Devil 7 Day For All Player



Add Some New Avatar In NPC Hotan





Remove Angel +10 From NPC & Change Price Of Premium Plus VIP


Price Of Premium Plus VIP


We Are The Best

New Update 20-9-2013 posted by destructions at 20-09-13 | Comments (1)

Visit Our Forums For Know About New Update

In This Link     Here

News.. posted by destructions at 10-09-13 | Comments (0)

Hello ..

  1. Luky Powder Work Now With Item Nova D14
  2. Change Spawn Mob's 106 To Mob's lv 130 To Make lvl Up Easy
  3. change max + In Game To +24 without adv elixir

Server is closed for maintenance posted by destructions at 08-09-13 | Comments (3)


Servers are being moved from one monitor to another device strongest in efficiency

thank you.

Next Update > Important posted by destructions at 08-09-13 | Comments (2)

Hello ...

  1. Next FTW Next Friday  At 07:00
  2. Delete All FTW Commander & Close Jangan FTW
  3. Open Hotan FTW
  4. Remove Reward For FTW 50b Gold ( No Reward For FTW Winner Only Tax )
  5. Fix Rate Drop For Element In Holly Water Tample
  6. Make New Title For Winner In Big Event PVP Every 2 week ( Soon )
  7. Remove Title Arabian Slayer From Quest

Thanks For All who Support Us . & We Hoppe All Be Fine And Enjoy With Us.

Update 7 / 9 / 2013 posted by destructions at 06-09-13 | Comments (2)

Hello ..

  1. Add New Unique's In Mirror 111-120 Area Drop JC Coin and LC Coin .
  2. Add New NPC ( Hotan )And Put All New Avatar's In This NPC .
  3. Change Name Of Some Area.
  4. Bone Roc Spawn Every 1 h Not 3h
  5. Remove All Supporter In Game

Thank You ..

Destructions-Online Admin

Special Offer 6-9-2013 > 10-9-2013 posted by destructions at 06-09-13 | Comments (2)


PVP Event ( Destructions Champion ) Player posted by destructions at 30-08-13 | Comments (4)

Hello ...

Event Will Start At 31-8-2013

Round 1   > Tarkey  Vs  THE_HELL   31-8-2013  10:00 PM

Round 2   > ___M___   Vs  Snoke   31-8-2013  11:00 PM

Round 3   > XAnamasryX  Vs  AnrYooonG   1-9-2013  6:00 PM

Round 4   > KOVO  Vs  Contact    1-9-2013  7:00 PM

Round 5   > _Zinon_  Vs  DaBoR   2-9-2013  6:00 PM

Round 6   > DragoNEdwarD  Vs  GeoThermal   2-9-2013  7:00 PM

Round 7   > Elektra  Vs  ZanDar   2-9-2013  8:00 PM

Attention : If Any One Not In Game In His Time Will Be Lose

Vedio > Ong&Kara Quest's posted by destructions at 30-08-13 | Comments (2)

Hello ....

This Vedio To Learn How Complete Ong & Kara Quest

Ong Quest

Kara Quest

Have Fun All With Destructions-Online

Make Comment In Our Topice posted by destructions at 29-08-13 | Comments (1)

Go To This Link And Make Comment In elitepvpers

This is Our Topice There   Click Here

Destructions-Online Revolution posted by destructions at 29-08-13 | Comments (1)

Hello All Friend..

We Change Some Price For Donate Item's & Coin's -

Remove All Donate Item +14 +15 +16



If You Have Any Problem With Game

Can Speak With GM From Live Support Chat

LiveZilla Live Help

Start Live Help Chat

First One In Rank Every Friday Win 100 EP Coin ( Des Coin )

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