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Event 100 Des Coin when Get Lv 130 Will End posted by estakoza at 09-09-15 | Comments (3)

♥ Event Get 100 Des Coin When You Have Lv 130 Will Be End At Next Friday .

♥ Event Box Scroll Will Be In Arena Event --- Jewel Box Will Be In Event So-Ok.

♥ Some Chamge In Uniqes Rooms Area Will Be Remove And Spawn In Other Area.

♥ All This Will Be Done In Next Friday.♥

Constantinople FTW Will Open Soon posted by estakoza at 09-09-15 | Comments (1)

We Finished From All Thing About Constantinople FTw 

And We Will Open It Soon 

Information about the game (Arabic) posted by mosa2005 at 23-08-15 | Comments (0)

Videos from Destructions-online posted by mosa2005 at 23-08-15 | Comments (0)

Auto Equipment posted by estakoza at 18-08-15 | Comments (1)

Auto Equipment 
From D1 To D9 Working .

17/8/2015 Activate All Town Music posted by estakoza at 17-08-15 | Comments (1)

DEAR hello to our players.
The completion of the operation of all music in cities within the game to give you the spirit of enthusiastic high and enjoy your time within the game.


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